The "People" gangs all wear their identifiers to the left side. An earring in the left ear, a left pant leg rolled up, a cap tilted to the left; all may indicate gang affiliation to this alliance. The gang hand sign is thrown toward the left shoulder. Their gang members fold their arms in a manner that will point to their left side.

The "People" alliance, in most instances, utilize the five pointed star in their gang graffiti. The five pointed star has its origin with the Black Stone Rangers/Black P Stone Nation, one of the larger black street gangs. The alliance's term "high five, six must die" is in reference to their five pointed star versus the six pointed star of the "Folks" alliance. Commonly used by the "People" alliance are drawings of pitchforks pointing down which shows disrespect to the rival "Folks" alliance.

A "People" gang faction will normally not align themselves with a "Folks" gang faction for support. There have been exceptions to this rule to facilitate narcotics trafficking.



The "Folks" gangs all wear their identifiers to the right side. An earring in the right ear, a right pant leg rolled up, a cap tilted to the right; all may indicate gang affiliation to this alliance. The gang hand sign is thrown toward the right shoulder. Their gang members fold their arms in a manner that will point to their right side.

The six pointed Star of David, a Jewish religious symbol in honor of King David of Solomon, is used by the "Folks" alliance in its graffiti. When the leader and founder of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, David Barksdale was slain, the gang adopted the symbol in his honor. The many gangs who aligned with this gang, under the "Folks" alliance, adopted this symbol for their graffiti and hand signs. Variations of the symbol with and without pitchforks running through it in an upward fashion represents the "Folks" alliance.

A "Folks" gang faction will normally not align themselves with a "Peoples" gang faction for support. There have been exceptions to this rule to facilitate narcotics trafficking.



The Folk and People nations were founded in the year 1978 within the Joliet correctional facility in Joliet, Illinois. The forming of the Folk and People nation was destined to happen because there were already alliances going on in the streets prior to1978. There were alliances within African American gangs like the Black P Stone alliance, and the Black Gangster Disciple alliance. Or alliances between Vice Lords and Black P Stones and Mickey Cobras. White gangs had alliances such as the White Power Organization (WPO) or the United Fighting Organization (UFO), or the alliance between Simon City Royals and Insane Popes. Latino gangs had the United Latino Organization (ULO) or the Familia Disciple nation (FLDN), or the alliance between Latin Kings Spanish Lords, Insane Unknowns, and Warlords known as “Unknown Players Kings(UPK). These alliances were foreshadowing (definition of foreshadowing=hinting, or preparing) of what was to come. There were many small alliances between two gangs or more that existed that were often hard to control because one gang would had another gang that his allied gang would get along with (example=if you had a friend that were friends with but you couldn’t stand his friend). Many prominent, high-ranking gang members were locked up in Joliet correctional so this made them able to congregate more. Larry Hoover was one of the main visionaries behind the creation of the Folk and People
nations. Larry Hoover founded the Folk nation alliance and in an indirect way he co-founded the People nation (I’ll explain this in a little bit). Starting in the early 1970s the larger gangs began to set up major drug trafficking enterprises. They received the money to begin these enterprises from government grants given to them in the late 1960s. In the early 70s as top ranking gang leaders were going to prison, the government immediately cut off anti-poverty funding to these organizations because of suspicion that the gangs would continue to use this money for illegal activities. Although thousands of dollars were poured in to illegal activities, thousands of other dollars were poured in to some legitimate institutions that actually bettered the communities they lived in; a prime example was the workings of CVL INC (see history of Conservative Vice Lords on this site for more information about CVL INC).

The Government still completely halted all funding to the gangs which left the gangs back into a state of poverty by 1971. The larger gangs still had some money left over and they decided to flip that money in to a larger sum of money by doing things that they only knew how and only had access to, and that was illegal activities. The thing is, is it was not easy to make money in many of these poverty stricken neighborhoods. Problems of finding proper employment, lacking job training, poor education, or racism would make it difficult for hoods to put together money; however, when engaging in illegal activities they were able to obtain large sums of money by opening large drug cartels within ghettos, slums, projects, and rough blue collar neighborhoods. Engaging in the distribution of illegal drugs was a way for the gangs to tap in to main stream America, what I mean by this is that many people that do not live in the ghetto wanted and still want drugs, and having a cut in this business will bring a lot of money to the hood; however, not all their business was done outside the hood, actually much of it was done and still done within the hood. Many individuals in the ghetto would become addicted to drugs and would soon rob, steal, or kill to get another fix.

The need for making money by creating large drug cartels was not the only thing that led to the creation of the Folk and People nations. The smaller gangs and the vast majority of the members of larger gangs were still having the problem with trying to protect their neighborhoods from rival gangs. Alliances were made in order for the gangs to fight side by side against rivals that both gangs hated. Some gangs were too small to handle larger gangs, or some other gangs did not have as many good fighters as a rival gang, so they would turn to other larger of tougher gangs to help them fight to even up numbers in a fight or to have more muscle. (note: most of gangbanging that was done in the 70s was done with fists, bats, bricks, bottles, crowbars, etc?, many gangs couldn’t even afford guns at this time, plus pride was a bigger issue in these days, it was more acceptable to beat some one’s ass then to kill them).

Order on the streets was needed immediately to organize the gang wars to allow easier drug traffic and to make it easier to identify enemies from friends, and to also prevent wild random instigations of gang wars. An order was needed to prevent friendly gangs to just up and start killing each other off without good reason. There were also many arguments about drug taxation, example-if one nation wanted to move drugs in through a neighborhood run by a friendly gang, the friendly gang could suddenly come up with outrageous and disagreeable taxation rules that could cause a gang war. These issues were considered very carefully at a meeting in Joliet Correctional facility in 1978. Leaders of the Black Gangster Disciples sat down with ELRUKNS to work out a deal to organize the gang wars. Now Hoover created the Folk nation but he knew that if only the Folk nation existed with no rival alliance it would cause problems. Let us for a minute imagine if only the Folk nation existed without People nation or vice versa. The problems that would exist would be: 1. Folks would have to battle with all the renegades who would rise up and destroy the Folk nation because at the time it was known that not many gangs were going to be Folk compared to how many gangs there were on the streets. 2. Another possibility which is more probable, would be that the Folks would destroy all the renegades then Folk would be too powerful and begin fighting each other because there would be no more enemies to deal with and toes would be stepped on. Basically it is almost impossible for one nation to control 100% of the drug trade in Chicago, so the rest of it may as well go to the rival alliance instead all that money going to different renegades. The neighborhoods that many of the renegades were running was rich in money to be made from drug trade, and that renegade gang would not allow some nation such as Folk
or People to come in there and get a piece, so if one of the alliances took that renegade gang under their wing, then they would have a piece of that gang’s hood with proper business deals. So Hoover sat down with leaders of rival gangs to create Folk and People and set rules for both nations to follow, so that is how Hoover can indirectly help co-found the People nation; nevertheless him and his nation deeply hate the People nation, but this way they can see who they all are by seeing the five point star, and the five in the sky.

Now this wasn’t all done for drug reasons at all, there were family reasons or neighborhood protection reasons. From the beginning back in the 60s and 50s gangs were created to protect families, and if their cousins or brothers or sisters were in another gang, then they wanted to be allies with that other gang; therefore, when Folk and People was created they wanted to join the same alliance together so they did not have to fight one another or allow some other gang to destroy there cousin’s gang. Neighborhood protection was a major issue in the 70s, it was a constant every day struggle to fight your way
in and out of a neighborhood. Fights were often brutal that consisted of super hyped up fist fight brawls in the streets, and these fights became difficult to deal with for some gangs because they were small in number or many of their members were weak or young, so they needed allies to help them.

In 1978 the Folk and People nations were created to organize the gang wars, control the drug trade, organize neighborhood battles, and keep some family ties in tact. Larry Hoover created the Folk Nation and had his Black Gangsters Disciples join Folk. Since the Black Disciples were once a part of the BGDN and their founder was David Barksdale who was the King of BGDN from 1969 until his death in 1974. The Black Disciple gang did not split from the BGDN until Barksdale's death; they still shared most of the BGD lit. The rivalry between the BDs and the Black P Stones was so great that they felt obligated to join Folks even though it was rumored that Jerome Freeman, the leader of the BDs at the time did not like Hoover. The Folk nation consisted of several gangs in the late 70s: One was the BGDs, and the BDs. A third gang was the Black Gangsters that formed that same year of 1978 by George “Boony Black” Davis. Just like the Black Disciples (BDs) the Black Gangsters were a break away from the BGDN who still kept most of the BGD lit; therefore, they were obligated to join Folks as well. The Satan Disciples were a part of the Disciple family with the BDs and BGDs; mainly they were heavily tied to the BDs because in 1964 David Barksdale helped the Satan Disciples to form. The Satan Disciples shared a great deal of BGD lit; therefore, they also joined the Folk nation. The Latin Disciples (AKA Maniac Latin Disciples) were formerly known as the Latin Scorpions of Humboldt Park. While in prison the Latin Scorpions befriended the BGDs and decided to be family with Hoover and honor the BGDN, they then adopted the last name Disciple and adopted some of BGD lit. This made it possible for the Latin Disciples to join the Folk nation as well in 1978. The Latin Disciples were a part of the ULO (United Latino Organization); therefore, they were tied in with the Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, and Latin Eagles who were all members of the ULO. Because the LDs joined Folks this meant that the rest of ULO had to follow suit and join Folks too; therefore, Spanish Cobras, Imperial Gangsters, and Latin eagles all joined Folks in 1978.

Orchestra Albany establishes very heavy ties to the Spanish Cobras and any of Cobra’s friends too. OA hung out and banged with the ULO all the time so when ULO joined Folks it was demanded that the OA be allowed in to Folk as well. The Two Sixs established heavy relations to the BGDs and the SDs by the 1970s, this is how Two Sixs became known as Two Six Disciples in the past and presently known as Gangster Two Six. The Two Sixs were also a part of the Familia Disciple Nation that consisted of the ULO gangs combined with SDs and Two Six. So this all led to Two Sixs entering the Folk Nation because of their ties to the Disciple gangs in 1978. Prior to 1978 a BGD member who later became a Black Disciple named Michael Motten (AKA Motto) befriended the Simon City Royals, and since Motto was an original BGD, he was able to tie the Royals to the BGDs and BDs. In 1976 this relationship helped make an alliance between the Folk nation and the Simon City Royals, and then the Royals joined the Folk nation 1978. There is other speculation that there were major business reasons for the Royals joining Folks such as a deal with a gun trade or protection in prison, but one thing that is for sure is the relationship between Motto and the Royals helped a lot. The Insane Popes (North side) gang then joined Folks. They joined Folks because they were still a part of the Simon City Royals; they were Royal Popes back then. Ambrose and the TwoTwo Boys joined folks in 1978 because they had decided to take sides with the Satan Disciples and oppose Latin Kings. Pilsen gangs such as Two Six, Satan Disciples, Ambrose, and Two Two Boys joined Folks during a meeting that took place in Douglas Park.

The People nation was also created in 1978 on the same day. The ELRUKNS (now known as Black P Stones) created the
People nation. Their creator was Jeff Fort who was leader of the ELRUKNS. Jeff Fort founded it with the council of the Latin Kings and the Vice Lord nations. ELRUKNS deeply hated the African American gangs that joined Folks before they were Folks, so that was why they created the People nation. The Vice Lords also had many beefs with gangs that had joined Folks plus worked with many leaders of Black P Stones in the late 1960s with neighborhood cleanup programs. The Latin Kings were bitter enemies with Simon City Royals, SDs, ULO, and anything else that was going to merge with Folks. The Mickey Cobras joined People because they were a part of the Black P Stones in1978. The Spanish Lords were very good allies with the Latin Kings and they were first cousins gangs to each other. When the Latin Kings joined People, the Spanish Lords did as well in1978. The Insane Unknowns joined People in 1978 because of their bitter wars with the Royals over the death of the IUK leader Mr. Kapone the Insane Unknowns were also at extreme odds with the Spanish Cobras, so this meant that the IUKs stopped their war with the Latin Kings and joined the People nation with the Kings.  The Warlords joined the People alliance because they were a part of the U.P.K with the Latin Kings, Spanish Lords, and Insane Unknowns. The PR Stones (Puerto Rican Stones) joined the People nation in 1978 for the obvious reason that they were a part of the ELRUKN/Stone family. They PR Stones had help being founded in the 1960s by Black P Stones and became one of the 7 branches within the BPSN; therefore, they followed suit and joined People. The Latin Counts were a major force in Pilsen to be Reckoned with ever since their founding years in the late 50s. The Counts were seen as a valuable commodity to the People nation, plus the Latin Counts had established ties to the ELRUKNS; therefore, the Latin Counts joined People in 1978 and mostly squashed their war with the Latin Kings. The Bishops joined People because they were still a Latin Count faction back then and they were a part of the BCN (Bishop Count nation).

The gangs that did not join People or Folks in the late 70s basically went through hell on the streets; they were surrounded on all sides by gangs that would team up to destroy them. Many Gaylords, for example, talk about banging in the late 70s and how they would have to fight four or five gangs at once, when they were used to fighting one or two at a time. Since Folk and People nation gangs consisted of mostly the biggest gangs in the city, gangs that were not Folk or People were being crushed by both sides in certain neighborhoods.


In the exact year of 1980 the Folk and People nations wanted to expand their reach out to other nations that were originally not asked to join or declined to join in1978. Many gangs felt the pressure to join either one side or the other because they did not want to be crushed by the powerful Folk or People nations. The Gaylords were a very powerful white gang but because of this they became primary targets on the streets by the Folk nation because of their large numbers. In the year 1980 the Latin Kings approached the Gaylords and offered them a spot in the People nation because the Kings saw how
GLs were being swarmed by Folks. Very reluctantly the Gaylords joined the People nation along with the Insane Deuces on the same day. Many Gaylord factions were outraged by the decision and did not want to be People. Many GL sets didn’t even want to claim People, but the fact was that their nation was now People. The year 1980 was a major year of Folk and People recruitment. The Folk nation took in the following gangs in 1980 that still exist today: Brazers, Ashland Vikings, Latin Jivers, King Cobras, Latin Stylers, Milwaukee Kings, Sin City Boys, and Spanish Gangster Disciples who were born in to the Folk nation and may have been Folks in 1978 if they existed on the streets in the late 70s. The People nation gangs that joined in 1980 that still exist today are: Gaylords, Noble Knights, Twelfth Street Players, Cullerton Deuces/Boys, Insane Deuces, Latin Brothers, Insane Popes (South Side), possibly Latin Dragons (if they existed that year), and Spanish Vice Lords (if they existed that year, they would have been born in to People). The Latin Lovers joined people in the 80s and also is now Folks. Many other gangs joined both sides that have since gone extinct over the years.

At first when Folk and People came out in the 70s, it was not used on the streets, not in fashion, graffiti, representing. Folk and People was a prison thing in the 70s and the early 80s. In 1983 or 1984, the Folk and People trends hit the streets as five and six point stars appeared in graffiti and fashion statements were made. Wearing clothing to the left was people, wearing it to the right was Folk. These street identifiers made it a little harder for interalliance wars to kick off because one can plainly see who is enemy and who is friend on the streets. Before Folk and People hit the streets it was difficult to distinguish friend from enemy unless you personally knew someone, or someone was wearing colors and throwing signs. Even with Folk and People visible on the streets there was still interalliance violence; however, it could be resolved later on.

Folk and People nation bylaws were heavily enforced and followed on the streets and in prison in the early and mid-80s. If there was a beef between two gangs under the same star a council was set up to work out the problem. There were a Folk nation council and a People nation council, these were usually held in prison. This council system was heavily used until the early 90s. Also, if one gang under a star had a problem with another nation under a different star or a neutral gang, the other allied gangs would have to get involved. In the year 1988 tensions began to build on both sides within the alliances. The Satan Disciples and the Two Sixs went in to all out war. The SD and Two Six war became real bad real quick, even though the Folk nation council frowned upon this war.  In 1987 the Black Gangsters had a problem with the BGDs which caused the BGs to distance themselves further from BGDs (see Black Gangster history for full story). During the late 80s there were many other disputes going on within the alliances and even some small wars. But the unity was still mostly in tact.


In the year 1990 the Insane Deuces went into full scale war with the Latin Kings. Latin Kings and Latin Counts began to disrespect each other. Tensions elsewhere were cooking up with high heat within Folk and People. In the year1991 all hell broke loose on both sides. The councils no longer cared about keeping the alliances together on the streets and released their control of Folk and People because as long as the protection in prison stayed in tact, that was all that mattered.  Some interalliance wars were seen as more profitable than keeping the alliances in tact. Worshipping of the almighty dollar became the gang’s main concern. Larger gangs wanted to run all the drug trade and did not want to share with smaller gangs.
Taxation problems, greed, envy, and lack of respect for other nations became a huge problem, as interalliance wars went rampant. Latin Kings and Latin Counts went to war in 1991, Black Gangster Disciples went to full war with Black Disciples and dropped the “Black” out of their name and became the Gangster Disciples (GDs) solely. The GDs went to war with the Black Gangsters and the Black Gangster dropped out of the Folk nation and became the “New Breeds”. Vice Lords began to war with Latin Kings in parts of the city. Vice Lord factions were warring with each other. Spanish Cobras and Maniac Latin Disciples went to war. ULO was completely diminished as Latin Eagles and Imperial Gangsters launched war with MLDs and Spanish Cobras. There are many more that I have not mentioned that happened later in the 90s or even in 1991. Within due time Folk and People did not mean much anymore because there were so many interalliance wars and still are today. In the 1980s it was very difficult to be a gang that was not People or Folk, but nowadays it is a little easier to be renegade or Neutral.